Matthew Binder is a former wastrel of the highest order. A cold list of his past behaviors would qualify him as a bastard in anybody’s book. His work has drawn comparisons to Bret Easton Ellis, Norman Mailer, and James Salter.

High in the Streets is his first novel.

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High in the Streets

Roundfire Books - April 29, 2016

About the Book

One day Lou Brown decided to kill himself. But when he sat down to craft a suicide letter, the simple act of committing words to the page was like opening up a window to his mind, allowing the whole world to shine. His book went on to become a runaway bestseller, making him a literary icon, earning him all the trappings of the American Dream. It’s now five years later and the obligations that come along with great success have robbed him of the freedom he values above all else. When Lou suspects his fiancé of an infidelity, he moves into the Frontier Motel, setting himself up for a week-long adventure where he’ll once again learn to buck convention, indulge in his honest appetites, and follow his uninhibited instincts.

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Bang Bang Jet Away

About the Music

On the evening of Tuesday, June 16, 2015, I sat down on my couch to watch Lars Von Trier’s 5 hour film, Nymphomaniac. By the time I made it to bed at 4a.m., I was in a very bad way. I did not sleep well, as my mind was filled with fresh horrors about the future of the world. I slept through my 7a.m. alarm and missed my morning meetings. The damage already done, I decided not to go to work. Instead I picked up a guitar and started writing tunes, something I hadn’t done in several years. By the end of the day, I had enough for an EP. Thinking a new batch of tunes required a band to play them, I called up a few pals to see if they wanted to get together. However, these pals had all moved onto other things, and had no time for my songs. This is fine, I thought, the time to make music is behind me now. I, too, have moved onto other things. That night I walked over to my favorite Japanese restaurant and ate gyoza and ramen, while reading Volume 2 of Karl Ove’s My Struggle. Then it occurred to me that there had never been a time when I was living just one life, the life of a student, a lover, a salesman, a writer. Wherever I was, whatever I was engaged in, I was always leading multiple lives. I put down my book and called Kamoo to ask if he’d like to make a record with me. He said he thought it sounded like a good idea. Over the next couple weeks, we recorded this collection of songs that will be referred to as VALENTINES. The project is called Bang Bang Jet Away, a small tribute to the best band in San Diego’s history, The Stereotypes.

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