On the evening of Tuesday, June 16, 2015, I sat down on my couch to watch Lars Von Trier’s 5-hour film, Nymphomaniac. By the time I made it to bed at 4a.m., I was in a very bad way. I did not sleep well, as my mind was filled with fresh horrors about the future of the world. I slept through my 7a.m. alarm and missed my morning meetings. The damage already done, I decided not to go to work. Instead, I picked up a guitar and started writing songs, something I hadn’t done in several years. By the end of the day, I had enough for an EP. Thinking a new batch of tunes required a band to play them, I called up a few pals to see if they wanted to get together. These pals, however, had all moved onto other things, and had no time for my songs. This is fine, I thought, the time to make music is behind me now. I, too, have moved onto other things. That night I walked over to my favorite Japanese restaurant and ate gyoza and ramen, while reading Volume 2 of Karl Ove’s My Struggle. It occurred to me that there had never been a time when I was living just one life—the life of a student, a lover, a salesman, a writer. Wherever I was, whatever I was engaged in, I was always leading multiple lives. I put down my book and called Kamoo to ask if he’d like to make a record. He said he thought it sounded like a fine idea. Over the next couple weeks, we recorded our first collection of songs called VALENTINES.  We have since released a second record called FUNSHINE LINE, and another batch of tunes, Dzzs Bar, is forthcoming. The project is called Bang Bang Jet Away, a small tribute to the best band in San Diego’s history, The Stereotypes.