“The Absolved is a thinking person’s novel. Dramatic and well written, this dystopian trip to a robotic future has everything: lust, law, medicine, betrayal, politics— even love. As humans struggle to retrieve their humanity from the robots who have taken their jobs and self-worth, one man—a doctor— has the opportunity to be a hero or villain. This book will keep you up at night wondering what our future holds.” – Alan Dershowitz

"With touches of Vonnegut and Huxley, Matthew Binder delivers a darkly funny look at a future we’re most likely stuck with."  - Seth Meyers

“You have to read Marx to be able to deconstruct him, of course, and Binder’s historical sense is thorough and impeccable.” Steve Whitaker, The Yorkshire Times

“In The Absolved, Matthew Binder has delivered us a devastating portrait of where we are imminently headed. Through his narrator Henri's fopperies, ranging from the affair to the revolution, Binder's novel is an ode to the imperfect and hilarious beauty of being human.” -Hannah Lillith Assadi, author of Sonora 

“The Absolved feels like a really big ‘F%&# you’ to 2018’s denial of climate change and increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence. It has a similar feel to American Psycho’s chilling indictment of the 1980s yuppie’s obsession with wealth, though without the horrific violence.” - Rebecca Bower, Story Addict

"The Absolved shines an unapologetic spotlight on the malaise and absurdity of an America whose soul has been sucked out by an over-dependence on artificial intelligence -- a journey that feels as poignant and honest in today's world as it does in Binder's techno-dystopia."- John Cunningham Ph.D., AI professor, Columbia University 

"The Absolved is as hilarious as Vonnegut's Cat’s Cradle, and as terrifying as Lewis's It Can’t Happen Here. Eerie in its insight, lacerating in its wit, merciless in its conclusions, this is a book liable to become an instant classic. Binder points the finger in these pages, and names the names. He is an oracle for our time.” - D. Foy , author of Patricide

“A blistering account of an America with few jobs and no purpose. This is a funny, fast-paced novel with its finger on this country’s dying pulse.”—David Burr Gerrard, author of The Epiphany Machine